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audio only screen share, cal invites, and more.

Written by 
Aletta Hiemstra

Ohyay is changing faster than ever. We've been posting bi-weekly platform updates on Discord for the past few months, and now, due to popular demand, we're bringing them to our blog 🎉

Below, learn how to use our newest features, from slideshow transitions to a test bot snapshot element. Head over to our #feature-requests channel in Discord to let us know what you'd like us to build next! 

🗓 Create Automatic Calendar Invites with ohyay Links 

  • You can now automatically generate a calendar invite with your workspace name and vanity URL ( or default workspace link. 
  • Click on the settings gear in the top right corner of your screen to pull up your settings menu.
  • Click on the calendar icon of your choice (e.g. Google, Outlook), which should populate a calendar invite that you can share with your guests.
ettings gear > calendar icon

🔊 Audio Only Screen Share

  • You can now share only the audio from your screen share. This is useful for sharing audio from a Spotify tab or other music coming through your browser.
  • Click on the down arrow next to the screen share icon at the top right of your screen and select Audio Only from the dropdown. Click Start. 
  • Continue following the standard screen sharing steps ( (Select whether you’d like to share your entire screen, a window, or a Chrome tab and click Share).

🖼 New Icons for Background Segmentation + Element Deformation

📷 Hide Individual Elements in Recordings and Photo Booths

➡️ New Slideshow Transitions

  • From the menu, go to Element > Media > Slideshow to insert a slideshow element, which allows you to easily flip between images in a sequence ( 
  • You now have additional options for slide transitions. Under the Element category of the slideshow’s settings, select Fade next to Slide Transition and choose either Immediate or Blur from the dropdown. 
  • Let us know if there are other types of animations you'd like to see!
Click on Fade next to Slide Transition in the Slideshow Element's settings
Select Blur from the dropdown

🌫 “Blur” Room Transition

  • We added a new “blur” room transition (, so that users will see a blur effect upon moving into your room.
  • From the menu, go to Room > Settings or click on your room in the Rooms List to pull up its settings. Under the Appearance category, select Cross Fade (the default room transition) next to the Room Transition property and select Blur from the dropdown.

🔎 “Search for Docs” Under Help Menu 

  • From the menu, go to Help > Search Docs… and search for the topic in our documentation ( that you’re looking for. 
  • Let us know if nothing comes up in your search and we will add a doc for you. 
Select Search Docs from the Help menu

🗣 “Stop All Shouts” Under Users Menu 

  • In ohyay, “shouting” means clicking on the megaphone icon at the top of your Rooms List and coming up on the top of the screen — usually to make an announcement ( 
  • From the menu, go to Users > Stop All Shouts to immediately stop all shouts across your entire workspace. 

📃 Back by Popular Demand: “All” Category Under Elements Menu

  • From the menu, navigate to Element > All to view all uncategorized elements in ohyay.

💨 Reaction Emoji Speed

  • You can now control the speed at which reaction emojis rise up in your room. 
  • Navigate to your Room Settings (Room > Settings), look for Reaction Emoji Speed under the Reactions category, and adjust the speed on the slider. 

🔖 Target Reactions by Tags on Rooms

  • You can now send reactions from a specific room to rooms with specified tags. 
  • Under the Reactions category in your Room Settings, type in the room tags that you’d like to target next to Reactions Target Room Tags. (To add a tag to a room, click on the pen icon next to Tags in your Room Settings and add your desired tags). 

👏 Workspace-Wide Settings for Audio Reactions and Audio Reaction Volume

  • You can now turn on audio reactions (emoji reactions that make sounds, like the clapping emoji) and adjust their volume across your entire workspace. 

🤖 Bot Snapshot Element 

  • We added a new element type called Bot Snapshot, which saves out the full state of bots in your space, including their name, video, and the slots in which they appear. This is huge for advanced developer productivity and for sharing. 
  • From the menu, go to Element > Advanced Elements > Experimental > Bot Snapshot to add a Bot Snapshot.
  • Add test bots ( to your workspace by navigating to your Workspace Settings and clicking on Create next to Create Test Bot under the Actions category. 
  • Click on your Bot Snapshot element and on Take next to Take Bot Snapshot under the Actions Category of the Bot Snapshot’s properties. 
  • Clear out the bots by navigating to your Workspace Settings and clicking on Remove next to Remove All Test Bots. 
  • When you are demoing or cloning a space for someone, click on your Bot Snapshot element again to pull up its settings. Click on Restore next to Restore Bot Snapshot and they'll all come back. 

🔲 Selected Users in Rooms List Now Get an Outline

  • Select a user’s thumbnail in your Rooms List and you’ll notice that a blue outline will appear around their thumbnail. 

🌾 Hit “Enter” to Apply Your Element Crop

  • Now, when you go to crop an element, you can hit “Enter” to automatically crop it. 

Questions or feedback? Hit us up on Discord. You can watch past platform update videos here and see the full list here.

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Aletta Hiemstra

Community & Communications at ohyay