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side conversations, usage reports, and more.

Written by 
Aletta Hiemstra

Every few weeks, we publish our biggest platform updates on the blog and Discord. Below, learn about the latest features and properties available in ohyay — from side conversations to reaction emoji reports :) 

💬 Whispering → Side Conversations

  • At any gathering, it is natural to break into small groups. One way to accomplish this in ohyay is to separate into different rooms, but the sense of community is lost.
  • With side conversations, users can seamlessly break into small groups without leaving the current room. There is currently no limit to the number of people you can invite to your side conversation.
  • You can start a side conversation with another user by clicking on the chat messages icon that appears at the top of their user element while hovering over it. Watch a quick tutorial video below and read more here.

📃 Room and Reaction Emoji Usage Reports

  • Under the Workspace menu, admins can now pull a basic usage report on an event space for specified date/time range and download it as a separate file for import into a spreadsheet.
  • Go to Workspace > Usage Report from the menu. Click on Usage Report. Select the times and dates of the time period for which you'd like to run the report.
  • Click on Get Room Usage (to get data on unique users, time per user, total time) or Get Reaction Emoji Usage (to see the number of reactions used per minute). 
  • Note that you'll want to check the box next to Collect Reaction Usage in your Workspace Settings before your event, in order for the report to record what emojis your guests sent.
  • Click on Download Report to download your report as a CSV file. Watch a tutorial video below and read more here.

⬆️ Control Positioning/Sizes of Automatic Screenshares

  • You can now control how automatic screenshares are positioned and sized in your room.
  • Look for the Screenshare X Offset, Y Offset, Width, and Height under the Participant Media category of your Room Settings and adjust the sliders.

⬇️ New Dropdown Element 

  • Our new Dropdown Element lets you execute an action based on a selected room, user, or custom option, which can be useful for choosing rooms to navigate into or setting up targets of your action buttons.
When users select a room from the dropdown, the room preview changes.

Question Board Element Updates

  • Question board elements, which are most commonly used in classroom and panel spaces, give users an easy, non-verbal way to ask questions as well as upvote and downvote existing questions.
  • You can now mark questions in Question Boards as Answered by hovering over a question and clicking Answered. To show all answered questions, hover over the question board element and click show answered questions.

🖼 Room Previews now have Fit Width and Fit Height Scaling Modes

  • Insert a Room Preview by going to the Element menu > All > Room Preview or Element > Embeds > Room Preview. Room previews are live feeds of rooms in ohyay.
  • Click on the Room Preview element to pull up its settings in the right-hand menu. Under the Element category, click on Auto next to Scale Mode and select either Fit Width or Fit Height.

✍️ Enable User Editing Updates

  • The Slideshow Element now supports image uploads via Enable User Editing. Your guests in Viewer Mode will now be able to hover over your slideshow and upload their own images upon seeing the arrow at the bottom appear. 
  • Images uploaded to Image elements (via Enable User Editing) are now available as assets in the Asset Library. Access your Asset Library — the collection of all the assets in your space — by clicking on the image icon at the top of your screen:

🗣 Meeting Mode Paging is Now Unsynchronized

  • When you set a Multiuser Element to Meeting Mode, every user who is speaking will be heard (even if they’re off screen) and will come on screen if there is capacity.
  • Now, Meeting Mode paging is unsynchronized, so each user will be looking at different pages of people.
Hanging out with test bots in Meeting Mode

Try out these updates and let us know your questions and feedback on Discord!

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Aletta Hiemstra

Community & Communications at ohyay