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toolbar, layers, user manager, and more.

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If you’ve opened an ohyay workspace recently, you might have noticed some big UI changes — from dark dialog boxes to an updated Workspace Gallery.

Over the past few months, we’ve doubled down on refreshing ohyay’s interface as well as making editing as fast and easy as possible for creators of all skill levels.

Below, dive into a few of our latest and greatest platform updates and find links to docs and videos that explain them in more detail.

Toolbar (Doc)

  • We've introduced a toolbar at the top of ohyay that provides more convenient access to the most commonly used configuration properties, such as adding user slots and changing the background of your room.
  • The toolbar changes depending on what you click on (e.g. the room canvas vs. an element).
  • You should be able to build out your event space by primarily using the toolbar, but you can still access the properties panel by clicking on Advanced on the top right corner of your screen.

Layers (Doc) 

  • Using layers makes managing elements, particularly in a complex space, faster and easier. If you’re familiar with layers in Photoshop or Illustrator, they should feel very similar in ohyay.
  • Note that layers have replaced the arrow next to your room name that previously allowed you to see all of the elements in your room.

New Breakout Dialog (Doc)

  • We updated the breakout dialog to make running breakouts more intuitive. In the new dialog, you’ll now see clear options to choose who you want to move and where you want to move them to. 
  • In many virtual events, breakouts are an important part of facilitating connection and creating stronger bonds among guests. They’re initiated by creating a “breakout button,” which holds the logic for the desired form of breakout. Clicking this button during an event will cause the logic to run.

User Manager

  • Click on Users > Manage Users from the menu to see a new dialog with tabs for Admins, Invited Users, Attendees, and Manage Tags. 
  • You can now add a user as an admin to your space, email a user with an invite, bulk upload a CSV of users and their tags, and manage both system and custom tags — all in one place.

New Workspace Gallery

  • Our refreshed Workspace Gallery page features video tutorials, resources, and importable workspaces for easier onboarding. 
  • The Workspace Gallery now allows you to star workspaces and keep them sorted at the top of your list, sort by owner/date accessed/title, search for workspaces by title or owner, open your workspace in a new tab, and easily jump between projects.

Manage Events

  • We’re experimenting with a new way to create registration pages directly in ohyay. 
  • Click on Workspace > Manage Events, click on New Event, fill out your event details (e.g. start and end time, description), and upload your hero and background image.
  • You’ll get a link to your registration page, where your guests will be able to register for your event and add it to their calendar.

Buttons Triggered by Speech Recognition

  • We've introduced an experimental feature where action buttons can be triggered by users saying specific words or short phrases. 
  • Click on your action button to pull up its properties. Edit the Voice Triggers property under the Interaction category to add words and phrases that can be spoken to run the action.

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