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spark inspiration with immersive virtual events

ohyay is a design platform that enables anyone to create one-of-a-kind experiences

deepen the connection with your guests

engage in real-time with emoji reactions, polls, Q&A, chat and more

virtual fun shouldn't be a puzzle

rediscover play with custom games and activities, from escape rooms to karaoke

melt the awkwardness of virtual networking

take your breakout session to a rooftop, the seaside, or anywhere else you can imagine

create rooms and customize them to set the right tone.

Choose custom backgrounds and personalize them with elements like text and images.

immerse your guests in your virtual setting.

Add people to your room and use a variety of styling tools to make them feel like they're actually there.

make your space interactive and engaging.

Enable breakouts, create games, and use ready-made elements like polls, question boards, and chat.

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